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With over 25 years as a general contractor of commercial office, retail store tenant improvement & renovation projects in the greater Vancouver area; I found the growing need to help business owners do the due diligence needed to define early on project feasibility and requirements as well as construction costs. This need evolved into a full service project management and site co-ordination approach... BUILT BETTER BY DESIGN
2302, 2017

Open-Concept vs. Cubicles – Which Office Layout is Best?

There’s been much debate lately on the pros and cons of open concept office space versus the traditional cubicle-based layout of yesteryear. Both bring interesting advantages and disadvantages to the table, related to productivity, privacy, feeling of community, and workplace stress levels.

As modern office design continues to evolve, business owners, staff and construction companies are […]

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2701, 2017

Innovation Theory: A Guide to Commercial Design


Designing the interior of a commercial property can be a delicate process; risky in that you have to create an engaging experience for your potential guests and customers, but it’s got to remain as cost-effective and as efficient as possible at the same time.

Further to this complex mosaic of possibilities and processes, there’s the additional […]

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2001, 2017

How You Can Save Space in Your Office

For many people, working in a cramped, cluttered, and unorganized space can bring about a feeling or being overwhelmed, unprepared, and even anxious.
Get Rid of Paper
As offices and modern businesses continue on the path of investing in technological prowess and streamlining business practices, the elimination of paper – both as a capital cost and storage […]

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501, 2017

The Dangers of Design Purgatory & How to Avoid It

Defining design as a constantly forward-moving process is plain foolish. Design is no different than any other critical thinking process, building plan or strategy for that matter. It’s subject to changing trends, ideologies, thoughts and personalities – of both the designers themselves, and the market to which they’re building for.

It’s for this reason we as […]

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1512, 2016

Top 5 Quick Tenant Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Property

Increasing the value of your property doesn’t mean you have to gut and flip the entire space – quite the opposite. Often times, subtle upgrades and small details, as well as improvements to curb appeal can go a long way to increase the value of your investment.

When working with your tenants, it’s both beneficial and […]

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112, 2016

The Psychology of Good Retail Design

It’s no secret to shoppers and retail business owners that people seek out and employ the benefits of real-life positive experiences. Period. As a species, we’re neurologically designed to curiously find and capture the very roots of our happiness. We seek to surround ourselves with people, colours, objects and feelings that portray positivity, safety, pleasure […]

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2411, 2016

The Psychology of Office Design

Office spaces do more than house the employees, strategists and masterminds behind the world’s business, economic, retail and legal sectors – they also shape the psychological framework that helps define the levels of motivation and career satisfaction employers see in their employees. It’s this relationship between people and their environment that can have a positive […]

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1711, 2016

How to Minimize the Impact of Construction on Commercial Tenants

As a landlord, you should think of your tenants as partners.

Therefore, it’s not only common courtesy to consult and discuss new potential building projects with your tenants, but it’s also the law. Your renovations, alterations or new building projects may impede the successfulness of your commercial tenants business. In order to reduce the impact of […]

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1711, 2016

Office ‘Neighbourhoods’ Bridging the Workplace Design Gap

Every coin has two sides and every idea has two opposing opinions. The debate surrounding the ideal modern workspace is no different.

The modern office is a complex space that changes often, with everyone from CEOs to entry-level staff vying for the perfect space to inspire creativity, productivity, efficiency and job enjoyment. Only thing is, no […]

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1011, 2016

Office Design Tips for Tech Companies

Take a moment to harken back to the last time you went on vacation, or went to a hotel. Did it feature dated and bland decor, numb fluorescent lighting and a stale overall feel? Probably not; if it did – you’d probably high-tail it out of there as quickly as possible searching for the next […]

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