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With over 25 years as a general contractor of commercial office, retail store tenant improvement & renovation projects in the greater Vancouver area; I found the growing need to help business owners do the due diligence needed to define early on project feasibility and requirements as well as construction costs. This need evolved into a full service project management and site co-ordination approach... BUILT BETTER BY DESIGN
1210, 2016

The Evolution of Office Design

Offices have existed in one way or another for many hundreds of years. In concept, as an administrative hub, the terminology comes from the Roman Latin, officium, a term loosely defined as a ‘bureau’ or a formal position.

The term held its affiliation not so much because of a building per say, but because of the […]

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2209, 2016

Top 5 Restaurant Design Trends of 2016

Modern restaurant design is as much about architecture and ambience as it is the food – and for good reason. Achieving simplicity in design as well as merging time-favoured practices with contemporary flair is fast becoming an innovative way of drawing more attention to creating a memorable experience, seemingly adding value to the meal itself.

Restaurants […]

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909, 2016

How to Enhance Company Culture & Productivity with Workplace Design

A recent survey suggests that nearly 90% of workers around the globe are unsatisfied by their work environment, and when instilling corporate culture is a growing concern and focus of many businesses, that’s a statistic that needs to reflect the opposite.

The most prevalent demographic in the modern workforce is comprised of millenials (people who reached […]

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1608, 2016

2016’s Top Trends for Designing Retail Spaces

Retail design may not change as consistently as fashion, or the latest in pop-culture trends, but it does change over time. To ensure that you don’t get left in the past and inevitably playing catch-up with your competitors at home and abroad, these store design tips will help you to guide and direct your commercial […]

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2907, 2016

5 Upgrades That Will Increase the Value of Your Commercial Property

Commercial real estate can be a lucrative industry. If you’re considering investing in your existing building, renting to tenants, or selling your property to a prospective buyer, these few tips will help you to increase the value of your property:


Make it Eco-Friendly

New buyers care about the environmental impact of their potential new commercial building in […]

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807, 2016

Customer-First Guide to Retail Design

Combining creativity, graphic design, interior design and good architecture make up a reliable four pillar model for expert retail design practices.

Further including aspects of functionality and product display make for an intriguing space that will not only attract your store customers, but have them eager to explore your space, making them instantaneous fans of your […]

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2906, 2016

5 Office Design Strategies for Productive Workplaces

The workplace is changing. Today’s modern office setting needs to continually adapt to emerging trends in human productivity and values. To encourage an efficient and upbeat morale within the workplace, an adaptable design strategy can help your business understand and accommodate the various needs of individual employees in a setting that inspires community culture, cooperation […]

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1503, 2016

How To Pick the Right Contractor

Property ownership is one of the biggest investments you can make in the course of a lifetime, so choosing a licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable company for your renovation project is of utmost importance.

With all of the things to consider when renovating a commercial space – such as: zoning ordinances, time limitations, required permits, advanced approvals, […]

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803, 2016

Renovate Your Business with CSBFP Funding

Securing financial aid is often the most challenging part of starting or growing your business in Canada. While there are various types of financing programs available including government-assisted grants, the truth is that most of business owners tend to be nervous when the thought of securing a loan crosses their minds.

However, what they forget is […]

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103, 2016

How to Create a Realistic Budget for your Commercial Renovation

Determining a realistic budget is an essential step towards ensuring that you do not overspend when undertaking any commercial renovation. As much as budgeting is restrictive to some extent, it is the best way that business owners or institutions like the government use to manage and save money.

Re-upholstering, re-polishing or repairing the banquette and booth seating in […]

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