Commercial Renovation

When a business opportunity knocks, time is often of the essence. An upgraded facility may be the difference between securing an elite client and falling short. Commercial renovation mean improvements to your space – knocking down that extra wall, clearing space for new equipment – may be just what is needed to boost productivity, sales and morale at a critical time. And renovations, if they are done expeditiously and professionally, can push a company into the vanguard.

Whatever the project, time is invariably of the essence. If a project cannot be done quickly, and well, then an opening may close and an opportunity may be lost. Fuhrmann Construction understands that. And we understand that your business cannot afford to stand still while others are aggressively moving forward. If you want a contractor that is efficient, exemplary, consummate, & versatile, contact us today.

If upgrading the lights, electrical wiring and the security access systems of your company is an imperative, then we can step forward with a skilled and experienced staff capable of getting the job done. Should you need upgrades to mechanical and fire protection systems, then we can perform upgrades that meet the most rigorous standards.


Fuhrmann specializes in bringing life to old structures, specializing in new storefronts, exteriors and awnings. We are also the local leaders in structural installations for new mezzanines and inter-connecting stairways.

If you have new tenants coming in, we will be the ones who help you leave that positive first impression. Fuhrmann Construction Group provides the answers to your renovation or restoration needs all with world-class service. Sensitivity to design, the willingness to do whatever is necessary to make the project a success, and the capacity to bring in top-notch human and mechanical resources to do the job exceptionally the first time in a cost-effective, timely fashion – these are staples of Fuhrmann Construction.

Our word is our bond because we Build Better by Design

See us today and we will discuss how we can make your planned project a smashing success. Let’s sit down and talk about your construction project.

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