6 Ways to Incorporate More Natural Light Into Your Workspace

Adding more natural light to the workspace has become a popular renovation project. Did you know that natural light can improve your productivity? It provides vitamin D, contributes to better eye health, improves sleep, and helps to improve mood. All these things can help put people in a better state of mind to be more productive. 

Adding natural light in your workspace is not only a great office feature, but it can also help your company improve its efficiency. So, it is a win-win. So, how do you add more natural light into your workspace? 

Here are some ways to incorporate more natural light:

1. Choose your window coverings wisely

Many offices make the mistake of covering up their windows and not letting in as much natural light as possible. Rather than using dark window coverings or blinds, use sheer materials or completely open up the blinds to let more light into the space. 

2. Install more windows

Installing more windows in your office space will increase the amount of natural light that gets in. Strategically add windows on as many walls a possible to let in natural light from all angles. 

3. Increase the size of your existing windows

Most workspaces already have windows. Use the footprint of your current windows and increase the size. Bigger windows will let more light into your office space. 

4. Consider a skylight

If it is possible in your office space, consider installing a skylight or two in the roof. This will allow natural light to get in the building from above. Choose a skylight shape that will let in the right amount of light. 

5. Use mirrors strategically

If your office space has limited natural light coming in, you can use mirrors to reflect the natural light. Place mirrors opposite your existing windows to spread the natural light throughout the space. This little trick can make a major difference. Choose mirrors that reflect your office style and design elements. 

6. Glass walls

Installing a large glass wall on one or more walls will take advantage of natural light. It will significantly change to feel of the office space. There are a lot of options for glass or opaque wall designs that you can customize to fit your office needs. Just think how great a glass wall would look and how much it would make your space feel more open. 

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