How To Re-Design Your Office Space For The Post-Pandemic Era

Canadians are getting vaccinated, and the number of cases is on the decline. Things are skewing in the right direction, and it appears as though things are starting to get back to normal – slowly but surely. But the new normal we’ll experience when we all go back to the office will not be the same as what it was pre-pandemic. 

There are a lot of new considerations, rules, and regulations companies will need to follow, which has led to the need for many organizations to completely re-design the office space. People are moving away from traditional office layouts and are looking to create more flexible and agile work environments. There will be greater emphasis on physical distancing, health, safety, and wellness.

Here we will offer up a few post-pandemic office trends and design that you could incorporate into your new office design:

Physically Distanced Workspaces

Expect office spaces to get an updated floor plan in the post pandemic era. You can no longer cram in as many people as possible into office pods. Physical space between people has become one of the biggest design considerations. It will be a challenge for many organizations to create enough workstations for there employees with their current office layout. For some companies this can mean some people continuing to work from home or having a hybrid in office and remote schedule. Regardless, expect to see physically distanced workspaces with plexiglass barriers.

One Way Traffic Flow

To help reduce the number of people congregating in the same space, some offices are looking to implement one-way designs. Similar to a roadway, you will have to follow a specific direct. This will reduce the number of people passing each other within close proximity.

Hands Free Design

There is an increase emphasis on reducing the amount of common touch points throughout the office. Look for offices to have doors and entry points with touchless access. Look for an increase in doorless spaces or motion sensor technology.

Perks Focused On Improving Mental Health And Wellness

It has been a stressful few years for all of us. Mental health and wellness is a top priority for organizations. People are feeling burnt out. You can help to reduce employee burnout by offering more amenities. Look for companies to add fitness rooms, yoga studios, meditation pods and other spaces where employees can go and decompress. These are the types of perks many people will be looking for when exploring jobs in the post pandemic era.

Outdoor Meeting Spaces

Similar to restaurants and pubs, offices offering more outside space can help make things more comfortable for employees. Adding exterior patios and meeting spaces can make it easier to host group meetings. It also allows employees to get outside more often.

Add More Handwashing and Sanitization Stations

Regular hand washing and sanitation is a huge factor to minimize the spread of germs and disease. Offices will need more than just the employee washroom or kitchenette to make it easier for employees to wash hands more frequently. Look for companies to add additional sanitization stations in high traffic areas throughout the office. This can include the entrance, reception area, meeting rooms, and other spaces in your office with high volumes of employees.

Investment in Higher Quality HVAC Systems

Improved air quality and ventilation is a very important factor to help reduce the effects of the pandemic. Look for companies to invest in high efficiency HVAC technology to create higher indoor air quality. 

The idea of the traditional office space is quickly becoming a thing of the past. If you plan to have your employees return to the office in full capacity when its safe to do so, you will likely need to make some changes. Use the above ideas to re conceptualize your office space to create a safe, flexibility and inviting workspace for your employees in the post pandemic era.

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