5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Flooring for Your Retail Space

There is perhaps no area of your retail space that gets more of a workout than your flooring. This often-overlooked part of your retail store design takes a beating. So, choosing the right type of flooring for your retail space is an important decision. You want it to look good and be a worthwhile investment. You cannot easily replace your flooring if you make the wrong decision. 

Our retail construction experts provide you with 5 things to consider when choosing flooring for your retail space:


How your flooring stands up to the test of time is perhaps the most important consideration. You want flooring that not only looks good but is durable and can handle the load of high foot traffic, heavy displays, and is less prone to scratches, dents and other abuse. Flooring needs a strong wear layer to ensure it maintains its design and look over an extended period. 

Ease And Cost of Installation

The type of flooring you choose will play a big role in how easy it is to install. More importantly, it will determine how easy it will be to install, and repair in the future. Your flooring selection could affect installation costs by thousands of dollars, so choose wisely. 


The look of a retail space is an important part of the impression customers get when they walk through the door. Flooring is a big part of it. Choosing the right style, design, size, and material can help you achieve the right look for your store space. 

Ease of Cleaning

Floors get dirty. With all the foot traffic a retail store experiences, you want flooring that is easy to clean at the end of the day. You should look for flooring products that maintain a clean look. They should be easy to wash and ideally not have the look altered by debris, dirty, or scuff marks. Ease of cleaning ensures clean and hygienic floors. 


A final consideration is comfort. With your employees walking on the floors for hours at a time day in and day out, you want to choose something that will have a minimal impact on them. Hard flooring can put stress on your knees and back, which could lead to fatigue and even injuries for your employees. Consider flooring that is more comfortable for your people. 

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