3 Retail Store Design Ideas to Maximize Sales

There’s a long list of things to think about when creating a retail store design. There is more to think about than just how your store will look. You also have to consider how it will function and generate revenue. 

How you set up your store can affect your company’s ability to maximize sales. It’s important to give strategic consideration to how you set things up and where you place specific elements. At the end of the day, every decision you should make is with sales in mind. 

It’s best to consider this during the construction or renovation phase. You can build these elements into your space so you can set them now and they will be in place for the future. 

Some designs are good for all seasons to maximize holiday sales and traffic opportunities. At  Fuhrmann, we excel in this area. Below are 3 retail store design ideas that can help you maximize sales all year long. 

A significant window display

Getting people to come into your store is the first step to capturing new sales. A significant window display at the front of your store can attention to foot traffic and entice people to act on impulse. You can use the display year-round to highlight seasonal items and promote the best deals that will get more people to visit your store. 

Have an open and inviting store entrance

You want the inside of your front door to be inviting and spacious. This area is commonly referred to as the decompression zone (DZ). This is the transition from walking into the store to being a customer. Since customers are typically taking in the new surroundings, they will typically miss out on items in this space. So, keep it open and move items back into the store slightly. 

Bigger more spacious aisles 

When you have a customer in the store, you want them to be focused on your products, and not feel cramped. If you have the space, create a bigger aisle and more space around displays so customers won’t feel like they must constantly move out of the way if another customer comes by. If this is the case, they will be focused on moving, taking their attention off their potential purchase. 

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