5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Light Fixtures for Your Commercial Space

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere for your business. But it’s often overlooked or an afterthought when planning a larger commercial project. The type of lighting you choose can have an impact on many things such as the overall look and feel of the space, employee productivity, and even security. So, it’s something you need to give some thought to. 

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing the right lighting fixtures for your commercial space:

1.  Budget 

Everything starts with a budget, right? The amount of money you allocate to lighting will have a significant impact on your options. It will affect the quality and number of light fixtures you’ll use as part of your renovation or construction plan. You also need to consider the cost-effectiveness of the system you choose because it will impact operations costs once installed. Don’t overlook the ongoing maintenance costs and energy efficiency of the lights you select. 

2. Placement

Light placement is especially important. If you don’t put your fixtures in the right place, they could end up creating some darker or dim areas. Even a few feet one way or another can make a difference. Every space is different. Make sure to place your lighting in places where it will give off maximum light exposure. 

3. The number of lights

Once you have your placement sorted, you’ll need to tally up the number of lights you need to install. You also need to think about the different types that will need to be installed. For example, you may need larger lights in bigger spaces. 

4. Intensity

Choosing a fixture that gives off the right lighting intensity is particularly important. If the space is underlit, it can place additional strain on the eyes. If it’s over lit, it can create glare and discomfort. You may need to sample different intensities and types of lighting to find the right level of intensity. Consider installing dimmer switches if you want the ability to change the light intensity. 

5. Style 

What is the overall system you are trying to achieve with your space? This will affect the type of fixtures you select. Choosing lighting that sets the right type of mood and feel. Do you want the fixtures to be a focal point of the design or go largely unnoticed?

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