8 Elements To Consider Before Designing/Redesigning Your Office Space

An office design project will have a significant impact on how you use the space. Whether you are designing a new office or redesigning your current space, carefully planning your design, and considering all elements of the space is needed. Oversights and planning mistakes can become potential issues once you start using the space after construction is completed. Below, we’ll provide you with a list of the most important elements to consider when planning your office space.

Top Elements to Consider Before Starting an Office Design Project

Include the following elements into your office design/redesign project:

  • Total square footage: You need to know the amount of space you are working with before you start to plan out other elements of the design. Make sure you accurately measure the space. Have a clear idea of the different uses you will have for the space? Do you need private offices, meeting rooms, conference space, or other spaces?
  • Flow of the space: How do you want the space to flow? Are there different sections you will need? Do you want to direct your employees/customers a specific way through the space?
  • Efficiency: What materials and solutions can be used to make your space energy efficient? What design elements can you incorporate to lower operation costs?
  • Storage requirements: How much of your space needs to be dedicated to storage? What steps can you take to make your storage space more efficient and use less square footage?
  • Natural lighting: How much natural lighting and windows do you want to incorporate into the design? Is it possible? if not, what other lighting solutions make sense for the space?
  • COVID: Ensuring your space meets the new post pandemic requirements is important. You need to ensure there is enough space between workstations. There is a need for more open space to allow people to stay 2 meters apart when indoors. 
  • Atmosphere: Does your office design create the type of atmosphere that makes sense for your organization, its image, and culture? Is the space inviting for people to come to the office? Does it reflect your company values?
  • Growth: Will your office grow in the coming years? Will it expand, contract, or stay relatively the same? Will the new design accommodate this?

Getting professional insights can help ensure these and many other elements are considered and included in your new office design.

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