What Are The Benefits Of Remodelling Your Space During Winter?

When you choose to start a remodelling project will have a significant impact on its success. During the prime construction seasons in the summer you have tighter deadlines, contractors have limited availability, and the cost and demand of materials is at its peak. 

If you can hold out until the winter to start your remodel, it can save you time and money. Below are 5 great benefits of doing a remodel during the winter:

Slower business time

For many businesses, the winter is a slower time of the year. If this is your company, it is an opportunity to take full advantage of this time. A remodel will have less impact on your business operations. It will also provide you with more time to carefully plan out the project from start to finish. A winter remodel will help you be ready to take on your busy season with full force once the remodel is complete.

Offseason for contractors

The winter is generally the offseason for contractors and construction professionals. For you this means you will have greater access to the professionals you need for your project. Contractors could even offer you an offseason rate. Since they are usually looking for projects to fill in their schedule, you will have negotiation influence.

More timeline flexibility

Since it is offseason for contractors, you could have more flexibility for your project. You will have more dates to choose from, allowing you to fit the project into a time that makes the most sense for your schedule. This extra flexibility will afford you more time to make important decisions, and compare material options.

Better deals on building materials

We all saw the spike in building materials over the summer months this year. It was particularly heightened by supply chain issues because of the pandemic. But during the winter, demand goes down. This means more product availability and usually at a better price than during other times of the year. Take advantage of product deals and discounts this time of year to help lower the overall cost of your project.

Faster building permits

Winter also tends to be to offseason for your local permit office. Your local government will have fewer building permits coming in during the winter. This will usually mean faster processing times for you. This is just one of thing that can help move your project along quicker than in the spring or summer.

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