5 Retail Categories that are Trending on Main Streets Across Vancouver

The type of retail store you run or plan to open has a significant impact on how you will design the retail floor. Each retail category has a unique type of customer that has certain expectations when they walk through the door. 

For example, when you walk into the Apple store at the mall, you expect an open and well-lit space. You expect to be able to try the latest iPhone or Mac computer. You expect to get help from the Apple store employees if you have questions or require technical support. 

Regardless of your type of retail store, these expectations exist for you. The idea of what a retail store offers, how it is designed, and even the types of products available has changed a lot over the past decade. Vancouver is no different. There are a number of types of retail stores that are increasing in popularity across the city.

We’ve curated the following list of retail categories that are trending on stress across Vancouver:

Health Foods

There is a greater collective focus on keeping a healthier diet. This has led to the increase of health food stores. There is a variety of them. You have your supplement stores, small grocers, and then you have stores targeted at specific demographics such as vegan food or gluten-free. Each niche within this space as a little bit different expectation for what they will find in your store.

Niche Clothing Boutiques

People are looking for a unique shopping experience. Many people are no longer content to go to the mall and shop at a large brand retailer for clothing. They want items that other people don’t have, and they want to support local clothing boutiques. Customers want an intimate and more personalized shopping experience. 


Even though the Cannabis industry is still in its infancy, it has exploded. It follows a similar model design to beer and alcohol retailers. People are looking for more than just products on a shelf, they want an experience. They want to be able to browse and learn about the variety of products that we not legally available only a few short years ago. 

Home Décor

Home décor continues to become a more popular industry. With the explosion of home renovation shows, Vancouver residents and people around the world have taken a greater interest in how they design and furnish their homes. The pandemic also created even more demand as people were stuck at home. People want unique décor. Therefore, they are turning to boutique-style décor retailers. They want those hard to find items. As a décor store, you need to provide these shoppers with the right combination of items and displays that will catch their eye. You need to bring their visions to live in your store. 

Exotic Candies & Snacks

Like the health food market, a niche has developed within the snack food industry. People have become more willing to try new snacks from around the world. Many people no longer just want to plop on the sofa with a bag of chips they can get at any grocery store. If they are going to have a treat, they want it to be something different. This is what exotic candy and snack stores can offer. Customers want to be able to browse the shelves, sample new treats and experience something new when they come into your shop. 

Top Retail Trends To Consider 

Whether you are planning a design for one of the above businesses or something completely different, its important to understand the current trends in the retail design space. In 2022, you can expect customers to look for the following when they visit your store:

  • Natural lighting and modern open spaces
  • Greater convenience (for example, curbside pickup)
  • Less clutter and minimal merchandising
  • A more interactive shopping experience

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