5 Things to Consider When Building Out Your Next Commercial Space

Are you in need of commercial space for your business? Proper planning lays the foundation for a successful commercial construction project. But there is also a lot of things to think about.  Below, we’ll define what a build out is and outline some things you should consider when planning a build out for a commercial space.

What Is A Build Out?

Many companies purchase existing commercial space to customize it for their specific business purposes. Transforming the space to meet the functional needs of a business and finishing the property is referred to as a “build out.” This process has a lot of steps and considerations. Depending on the situation, the property owner and tenant could work collaboratively to complete the space.

Key Considerations When Planning A Commercial Build Out Project

Here are the main components of a build out project you will need to give careful consideration to when mapping out your build:

Real Estate Selection

Your first, and perhaps most important step, is to identify potential sites that make sense for your business. Once you find your location, you can then start to think about project budgets and timelines. 

You’ll make a proposal to the property owner. You may want to purchase the property outright or negotiate a lease agreement with the current owner.

Space Design

Once you have a location, you will need to start developing design concepts and ideas. You will work through the process of designing the space and finalizing your plans. You’ll need to get final design approval sign offs from all key stakeholders.

Permits And Bids

With your design completed, you need to move forward with getting permits and building approval from the appropriate sources. You will enter the bid process and look to find the right contractors to perform the construction. You’ll choose vendors and get the appropriate permits in place.


This is self-explanatory. Construction will begin. There may be some initial demo work before the new build starts. You will work through the process, get the necessary inspections, and see your space come to life. You will do a final walkthrough before you move into the building.

Moving Into The Space

You move into the space and get the property ready for operations. You will make any final adjustments before opening. Then you will focus on ongoing property maintenance.

Get A Free Commercial Construction Consultation

If you are planning a commercial build out, we want to hear from you. We offer all potential clients a free design consultation. This allows us to talk about your ideas and see if there is synergy. At Fuhrmann, we supply all-in-one commercial building solutions. Learn more about our Commercial Building Renovations services by requesting a free consultation with our design experts.

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