Top 5 Interior Design Decisions to Consider When Opening a Retail Store

The interior of a retail store can have a significant impact on store operations. Getting the design and layout just right can lead to increased revenue. It can help create the right atmosphere for your customers and your employees. This will help to draw people in, get them to stay longer, and engage more with your brand. 

If you are planning to open a retail store or revamp your current space, here are 5 interior design decisions you need to consider:

The customer journey

When a person walks into the store where do you want to guide them? How can you layout the store in a way that will encourage people to walk through the entire store? How can you arrange your products and services in a way that is beneficial for your customers? How can you lay things out to create a unique and appealing environment?

Paint colours, wall accents and designs

What type of atmosphere do you want to create? Do you want it to be light, airy, and minimalist? Are you going for a more dim-lit setting? The types of paint colours, accents and visuals will help you create an environment that best reflects your brand. 


There is always a temptation to get the most out of a space as possible. If you have 2000 square feet to work with you want to maximize every inch. But you also need to balance efficiency with giving your customer some space. You want to give people space to freely move around and explore the store, even when it’s really busy. 

Fixture selection and lighting

Good lighting is a must. This starts with the fixtures and windows you choose for the space. The more natural light the better. But it’s not always possible to flood your entire space with outside light. Therefore, you need to choose fixtures that can emulate this. Think about fixtures in terms of style, design, and the amount of lighting they can create in the space. 


Flooring plays an important role, just like other design elements, in setting the tone and atmosphere. But it’s also important to choose a comfortable and during flooring option. Remember your employees will spend hours and hours walking on it each day. Look for something comfortable, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. 

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