Trending Office Renovation & Design Ideas

You hear a lot about the importance of company culture today. Office space, design, and layout can play a big role in helping your organization define your culture and create an inviting workplace environment where your employees can be comfortable and thrive.

In this post, we’ll outline some of the trending office renovation and design ideas:

Hybrid Office Designs

It takes a lot more than money to attract top talent to your organization today. People want to work for companies that offer the complete package – including a modern office with all the amenities and perks. Many organizations today are changing the way we think about office spaces and incorporating hybrid designs. They are part office, part lifestyle. They have coffee shops, gyms, full kitchens, relaxation areas, collaborative spaces, and other amenities that help people achieve a strong work life balance.

Relaxation Spaces

Work can be stressful. Many people don’t want to spend their break or lunch hour in a cold and uncomfortable lunchroom. Sometimes employees just need a place to go to quickly recharge and refocus. Relaxation spaces provide employees with a quick and comfortable place within the office to meditate, do yoga, or even catch a quick nap to recharge.

Collaborative Spaces And Desk Sharing

Companies need to be agile today. As organizations grow and evolve they often find the need to reshuffle. Collaborative spaces and desk sharing allows employees to break away from traditional office spaces and have the ability to choose where they sit each day. Most employees have laptops. This allows them to move around freely within the office, collaborative with others as needed, providing more flexibility to the office space and design.

Eco-Friendly Office Designs

Companies have never been more environmentally conscious. Organizations are taking greater steps to consider their environmental impact when designing office spaces and how they operate. They want to use sustainable materials in the design, use energy efficient lighting and capitalize on natural light, and use as little energy as possible.

The Return Of Dedicated Spaces

Open concept offices are fantastic for collaborative purposes. But, they have also made it more difficult for employees to find space within the office to work distraction free. Many companies are building in dedicated spaces within their open concept office design to provide employees with a space where they can hold private meetings and work independently. Look for companies to create more of a balance between collaborative and open spaces and dedicated spaces.

Employer Branding Incorporated Into Design

Companies are taking employer branding to the next level with their office designs. They are incorporating company colour designs into their office space to live and breathe their company core values. Expect to see the company culture on display beyond the welcome area and extend through the entire office to create a more immerse culture and experience.

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