10 Ways to Maximize Your Retail Space

One of the keys to running a successful business is to maximize your retail space. Here are ten different ways you can increase your retail space.

You Can Never Have Too Much Shelving

End caps at the end of all your aisles not only create additional feet of storage space, but they also make it easy for you to prominently display new items or items you have on sale. They’re also easy to restock during busy business hours.

Open bookcases can serve dual purposes. They’re an attractive way of displaying items, plus they can serve as natural space dividers Since the bookcases are easy to stock and move, changing your look to create a different type of display is an easy affair.

When you consider the amount of space you have available for retail purposes, don’t forget to include the walls. Though you might only have 400 sq feet of floor space, you also have an additional 160 sq feet when you add shelving to the walls.

When it comes to adding furniture to your retail space, stick to neutral and earth tone. This is something that makes the space feel less cramped, which in turn allows you to fill it with more items. Many retail experts also suggest you leave a small amount of space between displays which helps put customers at ease.

Corner shelving is a great way to use all part of your wall. The best thing about corner shelving is that they organically direct the customer to move around the corner and continue browsing, instead of providing them with an opportunity to turn around and walk back down the same aisle they just traversed. Corners are a great place to prominently display new items.

<style=”text-align: left;”>Décor Can Make All the Difference

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If you own your retail space, you should consider having a few window like spaces cut into your walls. These nooks make the space feel more open and also create a unique area for attractive displays. They’re also fun to decorate when you want to create a seasonal look.

Pick an accent wall and paint it a different colour than the rest of the space you’re using for retail. The contrasting colour will create the illusion that the space is larger than it really is. The illusion of more space will help put your customers at ease which encourages them to purchase more items.

An easy, affordable way to add more display space to your retail area is to go vertical. You’ll be surprised how useful and attractive wall and shelf extenders can be. You can choose to use the extenders to either create displays or as storage space. Just make sure you have a safe way for your employs to remove the items.

The smaller the space you’re working in, the more important light becomes. The space needs to be brightly lit to make it seem bigger and less cramped. Interior design experts suggest using multiple light sources, such as wall sconces, track lights, and lamps to establish a layered look which creates a welcoming environment.

Place gondola at your checkout site. Not only do these gondolas provide you with the perfect spot to add some additional storage for small items that make great impulse purchases, but they also help keep the checkout area organized during busy periods.

Before you start to modify your current retail space, you need to make check with the local fire department and make sure that none of the changes you’re about to make will create a safety violation.

Good luck and have fun redesigning you retail space!

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