Renovating or expanding a house or business premise is a big decision to make. Most important, is choosing the right contractor. This contributes greatly to the overall outcome of the project and whether you get value for your money. Thus, the question becomes on whether to choose a contractor with experience in design, or a conventional contractor who is only knowledgeable in architecture. While a conventional contractor may be able to accomplish the job at hand, the myriad of advantages offered by one with experience in design greatly outweigh the latter. So, why should you choose a contractor with design experience?

  1. Your Time Is Money

    • A contractor with design experience is able to make the best choices that suit your needs. This includes materials, time management, and use of latest technology among others.
  2. Experience is Powerful

    • A contractor experienced in design is able to interpret your ideas and designs into great results. Furthermore, having someone experienced in design means they are able to make suggestions on the best way to proceed with what is available. This massively helps in saving time and resources.
  3. On the Bleeding Edge of Technology

    • Since the construction business is evolving at an unprecedented rate, you will want someone versed with the latest innovations and design solutions. This means you can cut costs without sacrificing on quality.
  4.  Accountability

    • Having someone who is an expert in design means that they will be in constant communication regularly as they seek to fulfill the design requirements of the project. This means that you are confident with the process since you can follow the progress of the project with the contractor.
  5. Relationship & Continuity

    • Given that you are hiring a contractor with experience in design, you will be guaranteed that the contractor will be involved in the project from start to finish. This also ensures efficiency and predictability since this design-based approach focuses more on results.
  6. Goal & Communication Oriented

    • Since most projects involve interpretations of 2-D drawings, someone experienced in design is able to translate these drawings in 3-D form, thereby reducing the chances of misunderstanding of the requirements of the project.
  7. Unparalleled Attention to Detail

    • Having someone who is well versed with design means you have an expert who is able to plan carefully and pay attention to details that can make a huge difference in the outcome of the project.
  8. Unique Design Perspective

    • Since not all details may be reflected in the initial drawings, a contractor with experience in design is aware of these little details that could turn a basic design into an exceptional project.
  9. Flexibility in Design & Execution

    • Because a contractor with experience in design knows the process and what is required of it, it is possible to incorporate changes in the design without the need of making large changes to the overall project which could be costly.
  10. Broad Skillset

    • The design business is full of people with exceptional skills. Thus, an experienced contractor is not only able to rely on his own skills, but can also seek advice from a wider pool of equally or more experienced contractors with experience in design.

It is therefore evident that there are numerous advantages in hiring a contractor experienced in design over a conventional contractor. This is especially evident when you take into consideration factors such as cost, time, and the overall outcome of the project.