Trendy Restaurant Design 2023

5 Trendy Restaurant Renovation & Design Ideas

People like to eat at trendy restaurants. Don’t you? Creating an immersive and engaging environment is essential for longevity in the restaurant industry. So, it’s common for establishments to refresh their dining room and overall concept from time to time. Is it time for your restaurant to do some updates and keep things fresh? This often involves a renovation and new design. This is where we excel. For years, we’ve helped all types of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars create new designs. 

Check out these 5 trendy restaurant design ideas:

1. An eye-catching accent wall

Accent walls are highly popular in-home designs, but they are also popping up more and more in restaurants. The beauty of an accent wall in a restaurant is you have so much creative freedom to create an eye-catching design that will get people talking and make your place unique. Think about the design in terms of your restaurant theme and focus. You can include much more than a contrasting colour. Think outside the box – use items, imagery, and anything else that reflects what your restaurant is all about. 

2. Highlighting the kitchen

In the past, kitchens were a place that was tucked away in the back of the restaurant, never to be seen by patrons. We all know the kitchen is what attracts people to your location. So, make it the focal point and give your guests a glimpse of how their favourite dish is being prepared. 

3. Unique flooring

Using a unique flooring design has become popular. Your floor doesn’t have to be basic or boring. Consider using unique tile patterns or installing wood flooring in a visually appealing way. Go beyond traditional restaurant flooring options. 

4. Funky layouts

People like to visit unique spaces. One way to make your restaurant one of a kind is to reimage the layout of the space. Rather than placing tables in a standard way, think about ways you can arrange your dining room that adds more to the overall dining experience. 

5. Entice people to come in with an attractive entrance

There is no shortage of people who will choose a restaurant because it has a cool look from the outside. Make your entranceway hard to miss when people walk by. Do something unique that makes it stand out on the street and entices people to come in and check it out. 

Get A Free Restaurant Renovation Consultation

If you are planning a restaurant renovation project, we want to hear from you. We offer all potential clients a free design consultation. At Fuhrmann, we supply all-in-one restaurant building solutions and can help you design your space with a focus on boosting sales. Learn more about our Restaurant & Café Renovation services by requesting a free consultation with our design experts.

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